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          Lead Photographer

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Originally from the UK Si Shakespeare started his photography career in 2004 photographing Weddings and portraits, his clients included celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, HRH Prince Edward, The Cleveland Cavaliers etc.

Having moved to the US in 2007 he quickly gravitated to Real Estate gaining his Real Estate license and starting his own business listing and selling properties in the Tampa Bay area.

Pretty soon both of his passions merged resulting in Tampa Home Pix. With over 700 shoots per year Tampa Home Pix are quickly becoming one of the busiest Real Estate photographers in Florida.

Asked about the secret of his success he replied " We work hard to gain the trust of our partners in the real estate business, the stakes are high and so must be matched by the quality of our work. If we promise a 24 hour turnaround then that is what our client will receive",

"We strive to develope long term partnerships with both real estate professionals, builders and private clients, our business is only as strong as our customers"

Meet The Team

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           Customer Service

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